How can I help prevent being seasick?  If you are prone to motion sickness we suggest that you take a motion sickness pill or apply a patch the night before when you go to bed. When you get up be sure you eat something. Take another pill or apply a new patch before you head to the boat. This will allow the medication to get into your system during the night and give you another dose for the balance of the day. During the fishing trip be sure to stay out of the cabin and in the breeze. Of course the best prevention or cure if sick is FISHING ACTION it cures!


What if someone in the group is seasick and wants to return to land? Our goal is for your group to have fun and enjoy your trip. If you want us to return to the dock we will. In most cases if the rest of your group wants to continue the fishing trip we will return to the ocean and complete the trip near shore. We want happy and satisfied customers!


What if the forecast is for rough waters? If the advance forecast is for rough sea conditions I will call at least the night before and advise you of the sea conditions. Over the years I have had some customers that had a great time in less than great conditions. We can discuss the forecast and if you feel the conditions are not acceptable then we will re-book the trip for another date. If another date cannot be worked out then your deposit will be refunded. We look for repeat customers!


What if we hook and catch a billfish?  Great question! We release all billfish to fight another day! As you can see in the photo gallery we will take pictures of your catch so a mount can be made if desired. I will also help you fill out the paper work for a North Carolina Citation Certificate. Great to frame and display with pictures of your catch!


Life jackets for children?  The state of North Carolina requires that all children 13 and under wear a life jacket while on the water! This is a law. Please feel free to bring your child’s life jacket. I do have a supply for your use while on the boat. Yes adults can also wear a life jacket if they desire. 


What kind of fish could we catch?  We do the majority of our fishing trolling. In many cases this helps prevent seasickness versus fishing from an anchored boat. When trolling it is not uncommon to have more than one fish on at the same time. Great excitement and action! On a half-day trip we will target Spanish mackerel, King Mackerel, Mahi (dolphin fish not Flipper), Barracuda, Bonito and Amberjack. It is also a possibility of a sailfish. On the longer trips the catch is similar but you have more fishing time and are fishing the spots further off shore. The potential for Mahi and King Mackerel is much higher as is a possible Tuna or Wahoo. On the Gulf Stream trips the catch is Mahi, Tuna and Wahoo for the most part along with the potential of a sailfish and a white or blue marlin!


Tackle provided? We provide for your use top grade rods and reels. We use light tackle to enjoy the fight of the fish. The boat does have a rear-facing seat that works great for fighting the larger fish (see the photo gallery). Fighting belts are provided for your use as you bring your catch to gaff! If you desire we can fish with live bait. This can be very exciting fishing as the fish explodes on the live bait right behind the boat. What if you have a favorite rod and reel you want to catch a fish on? Please bring it along no problem. We will scale down to very light tackle if you request. We have some sportsman that want to catch Kings on 8 to 10 pound spinning gear we can do!


Deposits and payment?  I do require a deposit to hold a reservation. A $150 deposit will hold a 5 hour/ half day trip and a $200 deposit for trips of 7 or more hours. At this time we do not take credit cards, sorry! Due to the fee’s the companies charge and the delay in getting my money it would require me to raise my rates, which I do not want to do. We will take personnel check or of course cash. If a check is used for a deposit we do not cash it until we run the charter. These terms have worked great for us and our customers over the years.

Hopefully this will answer some of your questions. If
you have additional questions please give us a call.